2018 Boutin Family Reunion

Greetings Family,

Note: The location of the reunion has changed!

The 2018 Boutin family reunion WAS held on Saturday, August 5th at Rotary Park in Hutchinson, MN.
The picnic starts at Noon and will continue until 10:00pm when the park closes.

What should you bring:

  1. Food. This is a pot-luck, so bring whatever you want to share.
  2. Beverages. (None will be provided as has been done in the past.)
  3. Lawn chairs, games, etc. Whatever you usually bring.

What will be supplied:

  1. Rotary Park shelter with full restrooms, boat landing and dock, playground equipment, volleyball and basketball courts, wildlife sanctuary, and the Luce Line Trail.
    Also on hand will be croquet, bocce ball, polish golf, and of course tables for poker.
  2. Some picnic tables, other tables, and chairs.
  3. Plastic-ware, paper plates, napkins, etc.
  4. A 1/4 barrel of beer.
  5. A 1/4 barrel of 1919 root beer.

Below is Hutchinson map the Rotary Park.
The only real way to get to it is to turn North from Hwy 7 onto School Rd NW.
There are lights at that corner with Burger King, Superamerica, and the Tokyo Grill for landmarks.
Rotary Park
The address of the park is 1003 Les Kouba Parkway Northwest, Hutchinson, MN 55350.
Note: Lisa has the address as 1070 Les Kouba Pkwy but it makes no difference as the shelter does not have the address posted.

Here is information on 3 motels for those wishing to stay overnight or come the night before:

Best Western / Victorian Inn1000 Hwy 7 W
AmericInn1115 Hwy 7 E
Economy Inn200 Hwy 7 E
Other Lodging

Please pass this information on to the rest of your family since we are not sending this to everyone. One person has been contacted per sibling and we are counting on you to spread the word.

If you have any questions you can call or email us:
Ann:320-583-4246, ann@jimmartinson.com
Jim:320-583-8490, jim@jimmartinson.com

Hope we saw you and yours last August 5th.
-- Ann and Jim